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If you were arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), most likely you will be prosecuted in Texas State Superior Courts. However, if you were arrested for DWI on a federal owned land such as a national park or military base you will be prosecuted in Federal Court. Only a skilled Houston federal DWI lawyer experienced in defending federal drunk driving cases can help. Contact a lawyer for federal DWI and DUI charges in Texas to learn the difference between state and federal prosecutions, and the potential consequences of each.

Houston federal DWI attorneys understand that being arrested or charged with drunk driving is a terrible experience. Not knowing what to do or who to turn to for help can be frightening. DWI firms believe in the rights of all people to have equality and justice under law. Their goal is to obtain the most favorable conclusion possible. They aggressively defend our clients, even before the case reaches the courtroom.

Federal crimes are far more complicated than state crimes. Being charged with a Federal DWI carries severe penalties such as license suspensions or revocations, longer prison sentences, higher fines and extended probation periods. In addition, a refusal to submit to a chemical test may carry additional penalties. A quality Houston DWI attorney can help.

A Federal drunk driving charge is a serious case that can result in life long consequences. Don’t risk your future. Hire an experienced Houston Federal DWI lawyer who will fight the charges and keep consequences to a minimum.

What is a Federal DWI?

Most people are familiar with regular state DWI. Your case is handled in a civil court, and you may face repercussions such as fines and license revocation based on the circumstances of your case. However, you may also be charged with federal DUI. These are serious alcohol-related crimes that are handled by the federal government rather than a state court.

DWI attorneys understand that a federal DWI can cause serious upheaval in both your career and personal life. Therefore it is important to handle these charges thoroughly and effectively. To discuss your case, contact a knowledgeable Houston federal DWI attorney today.

Drunk Driving as a Federal Crime

The federal government owns land throughout the nation, such as military facilities and national parks. If you are caught driving while intoxicated on this federally-owned land, your drunk driving charges may be handled in a federal court rather than a state court. Consequences of a federal DWI conviction are typically more serious than a state DWI and can include:

  • Class B misdemeanor
  • Fine of up to $5,000
  • A maximum of 6 months in a federal prison
  • 5 years of probation

Should you refuse to submit to a blood alcohol content test while on federal property, you might face similar consequences as those above. Additionally, the national government can work with your state government to suspend your driver’s license.

DWI and License Suspension

There are a number of serious penalties that are associated with a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge. These include fines, incarceration, and the suspension of your driving privilege. License suspension is a common result not only of a DWI charge, but even just a DWI arrest.

If you or someone you care about has been accused of driving while intoxicated, it is important to have legal assistance to protect your rights and give you support as you navigate the legal arena.

License Suspension in Texas

Texas has an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) program, which allows the State to suspend an individual’s license swiftly after their DWI arrest. This can apply to drivers who refused to submit to a chemical test to determine blood alcohol Level or those who took a test and it was determined they were over the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration.

Within this system, when a driver is arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated they must submit to a test. When the refuse or fail, as mentioned above, their license will be immediately suspended and will not be reinstated for 90 days for first-time offenders or 1 year for those who have been arrested for a DWI before.

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